January 28, 2013

For Me, Daddy and Baby Too

If you know Josh, you know he loves monkeys.  A long time ago I found some really fun flannel fabric in simple monkey fabric that I thought he would love.
Well last summer, months before Ethan was born, I worked on a little Christmas project for my growing family.  Out of the cut of fabric in my stash I was able to make matching monkey pants for my crew.  Josh's are simple adult pajama pants, the kids are each a pair of quick change pants.  The kids pants are reversible so I made Ethan's brown with white polka dots and Abigail's with red with white polka dots.  All three of theses pairs of pants have seen a lot of wear since Christmas morning but it wasn't until just the other day that all three of them wore their pants together.  The sight of monkeys around the house made me very pleased indeed.


mother said...

Very cute! MOnkeys for the monkeys in your life!

heath said...

LOVE THIS PIC...all your monkeys in one bunch :) are Josh's reversible??? did you make YOURSELF a pair?

Kathleen Klynstra said...

No, Josh's pants are just plain old adult pants, no reversing them. And nope, I didn't make myself a pair. Maybe next year I will do this again and make four pairs but this time around I only had fabric for three. Actually bought the fabric several years ago so I was pleased it actually was able to make three pairs.