January 15, 2013

At 4 Months

Our little man Ethan turned four months old last week.  He has grown into such a fun baby these days.  If you asked our family to describe him in just a few words this is what you might get:
Josh - 20 lb jelly bean
Kathleen - butter ball of laughter
Abigail - happy baby, hug hug touch, ohhh baby piggies (aka toes)
At his four month appointment Ethan weighted in at 17 lb 3 oz and ever growing.  He has started reaching for and enjoying his toys.  Ethan has so much fun he laughs at all he sees.  He has even been known to laugh in his sleep at night and wake me up.  Oh, he is a normal baby and isn't always jolly but the amount of smiles and chuckles he puts out more than makes up for the fussy times. 


mother said...

I could eat him up!!!!!!!!!!!!

heath said...

he is SO aware and SO SO happy!!! love this little man!!!!

I laughed out loud at the descriptions you wrote for him! ha! i like Josh's the best

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