January 29, 2013

A Different Meaning for Each of Us

The other day I took an item out of the diaper bag and it smelled very strongly of bananas.  I knew there was a small container of banana chips in the bag for snacks so I didn't think about it much more.  The next day I was rummaging for something else and once again got that super strong, almost sickening, smell of banana once again.  Right then and there I decided I needed to do a purging and cleansing of the bag to figure this problem out.
Well the result was the discovery of this now black banana.  I then remembered putting a banana in the bag days ago for Abigail, oops.  

As I looked at the banana on the counter I groaned at the thought of needing to clean all that was in the bag to get rid of the smell and at my foolishness of letting the banana be forgotten.
My groan and grimace made Ethan smile and start to laugh.  Glad he could see this as funny.
And the declaration of a bad banana brought a cheer of joy from Abigail since it meant only one thing, we were going to cook banana bread.

As I was cleaning up the dishes from our cooking I couldn't help at laugh at it all.  One little rotten banana meant such very different things to each one of us.  Oh how true this is for so many things in life!  I need to start seeing more things with the laugh and cheer of my children's perspective on life instead of the groan of the adult's vision of work to be done.


heath said...

ha!!!! you are so right :)

what did you do cut the recipe in half to accommodate only one banana...

Maybe A hid it in there on purpose b/c she knew this meant momma's baking???!!! She is THAT smart!

Kathleen Klynstra said...

I had extra bananas in the freezer as well so I actually made a double batch. As for Abigail hiding the banana, yes you are right she could have although I really believe it was this mama's forgetfulness that caused the damage.

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