January 3, 2013

A Day To Remember

While we were in Hawaii we made it a point to get to Pearl Harbor.
 Although it wasn't the best place for small children, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to see a historic part of our country's history.  Josh was able to do some exploring on his own through a museum and a submarine that weren't children friendly. 
 Then we went as a family out to the Arizona memorial
 No strollers were allowed so Josh carried Abigail in the ergo and I carried Ethan in the moby.
What a thought, to stand over the ship that holds hundreds of soldiers from so many years ago.  We went to pearl harbor on the first of december, just days before the anniversary of their attach and the start of the US into World War II.  As I walked around with the kids I saw the preparations for the big memorial service that would be held later that week.  What a good reminder that I need to daily be thankful for all that this country provides me with.  Even with all that is going wrong we are free and what an amazing thing that is indeed!

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heath said...

you are right! thank you for the photos (i've always wanted to go)!! What a great experience. so glad you guys made it a priority to go here

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