January 14, 2013

A Day On The North Shore

Ok, this is my last post on our trip to Hawaii.  I have more pictures, many more for sure, but seeing how we have been home over a month I really need to wrap this up I know.
 But I couldn't stop before I showed your pictures from our time on the North Shore. 
 Vacationing on the southern shore where there were less waves and rocks was perfect for little kids, and thus our family.  But it sure was fun to take a day and head north to see what the other side of the island was like.  It was beautiful and the waves were certainly more intense.  Abigail was knocked over and drenched by a big wave after this picture was taken, don't worry, she came up laughing.
 While Josh and Abigail played in the waves, Ethan and I hung out on the sand and enjoyed the breeze.  One thing about Hawaii was that it was hot for these Alaskans and whenever we could sit in the shade and enjoy a cool wind it was wonderful.  (and as I write this blog post we can't believe how skinny Ethan looks in this picture compared to how he looks today.  I will have to put a picture up tomorrow for you to see the difference, our boy has certainly chunked up a lot in the past month!)
 And as I sat on the beach I couldn't help but enjoy the different geology that the north shore provided compared to the southern shore.  Abigail also loved the difference in the sand but she didn't really want to sit too still for my geology lesson on the reasons why the grains were different, maybe someday.
As I look back on our Hawaii vacation this day is clouded a little by the fact that Ethan and I ended up on the ER that night when our little man got very sick.  I am so happy we have these pictures that help remind me of the joy we experienced before the storm.  It would be two more days before we loaded back onto our plane and flew north to our home that was sitting 100 degrees colder than these islands.  We certainly had unexpected things happen to us when we were there, in the sun, enjoying our vacation but through it all we made the best of it all.  How wonderful it felt to enjoy a vacation as just us, our little family of four.  We don't know where or when we we find ourselves again stepping away from our lives together but one this is for sure, we can't wait!


Melissa said...

Hope all is well at your house. Funny that Josh is the one with the pirate face and Abigail has a very cute, non-pirate smile in the beach photo.

mother said...

Ethan is beautiful, as always, and I really like the last picture where Josh and Abigail are hugging. Looks like Josh has a pirate squint going on--oh, no--is it catching?

heath said...

:-) warmth......what a beautiful vacation in the midst of winter...have LOVED ALL THE WONDERFUL pictures and tales

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