December 4, 2012

To: Grandma / From: Abigail

It's almost your birthday, Abigail.
It is no small thing that we have so many memories
of fun times in your 2 brief (Oh. So. Brief.) years.
Especially considering we live 4,000+ miles apart.
As I think about your birthday with its presents to open,
 I realize you have given me more gifts than I could ever 
give you on your special day.

When you took your first breath, I let out my own in a grateful sigh.
That gift was a sacred moment.  I was there.
Your healthy cry was VERY BEST Christmas gift!!

And, truth be told, you've given me LOTS of gifts!
Especially fresh are the ones of this past summer when I lived at your house for over 4 months.
Now there was a HUGE gift!
The gift of welcoming me into your life.
Right from the first night I arrived, 
we spent most bedtimes in your room--
rocking, reading, singing lullabies. 
On the days I worked, I tried so hard to get home before 7:00.
You gave me the gift of holding you tight as your eyes closed in peaceful sleep.

You gave me the gift of laughter.
I love to laugh-it's one of my "Top Ten Things I Like to Do".
We laughed at books, funny songs, Elmo and just-for-fun silliness.

You gave me the gift of joy.
Your zest for living, your pleasure in all things,
no matter how simple, renewed my own. running in the grass...swinging high...
each activity delighted you and, in turn, you delighted me.
Such gifts!

You gave me the gift of amazement.
I watched you  grow day-to-day.
Cheered your early words.
Applauded new accomplishments.

You gave me the gift of appreciating God's beautiful world.
 We took so many walks together.
Admired the giant Alaskan flowers.
Birds.  Moose.  Streams. Fresh garden veggies.

You gave me the gift of surprise. 
I "corrupted" you with your first movie.
But what better way to spend a chilly, rainy afternoon?
You clapped at all the happy parts of the movie.

You gave me the gift of wonder.
We rode the train through the park together.
Your eyes grew wide whenever the whistle blew and
your tirelessly waved to all the people we passed. 

You gave me the gift of helping.
We washed and sorted and arranged
(and then rearranged) things to get ready for brother's arrival.
Such enthusiasm for a bucket of suds I'd never seen.

You gave me the gift of acceptance.
Grandma's don't always do things "right" and you never complained
when I put on your best Sunday coat for our walk on the dusty road.
(Mama had a few questions about that decision, though!)

You gave me the gift of YOU!
Though almost a stranger when I got off that plane,
you opened your heart and soul to me with love.
Each day that followed was an adventure we shared.
Lots of love crossed the boundary of years and generations
as we played and danced our way through the summer days.
On your second birthday, my dear little girl,
the pretty presents I mailed may be fun to open,
but none can compare to the gifts you have given to me.
Thank  you, Abigail Kathleen.
Happy Birthday, honey.


heath said...

so very very very very very beautiful!!!! Abigail is SO lucky to have you as her grandma....and so lucky to have months on end spent with you! I love this is so special. You almost don't even need the words...both of your expressions in all the photos are wonderful and show love and fun :) Thank you for writing it ;)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Your love for each other is very evident in the pictures! Great memories! carol


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