December 21, 2012

Tis The Season - Ginger Bread Houses

Today is winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.  Today we will see just about 3 hours of daylight.   But even though our windows are dark most of the day our house is brimming with light from our tree and excitement as the days get us closer and closer to Christmas.  Last week I found a ginger bread house kit on the clearance rake at Fred's.  I have never bought a ginger bread house kit but we went to the annual ginger bread house contest in town and now Abigail is excited about them.
 Just opening the packaging made Abigail pretty excited.  The house pieces, packages of candy and frosting were all so new and exciting.
 I found out quickly why this set was on the clearance rake, the box has been dropped or something since the roof was cracked on both sides.  I loaded it up with frosting and we went about starting to decorate.  Or in Abigail's case, start tasting all of the different candies to figure which tasted the best.
In the end the roof just couldn't be fixed by me and so I ended up making it a flat roof and we decorated the top with jaw breakers.  I had so much fun building and decorating with Abigail and it reminded me that at Abigail's age the activity doesn't matter as much as the time spent one on one together.  I love that Abigail could care less that our roof caved in, our tree kept falling and that after she took a bite out of the chimney it wouldn't stay up right. To her everything was perfect and I realized that time together indeed made it perfect, tis the season of joy!


mother said...

What a happy little girl with days full of new experiences and hours learning from a patient and exceptional Mama!

heath said...

agree with your fun! i'm constantly amazed as A's ability to sit and work on a project....these are all great memories!

heath said...

did you cut her bangs? looks cute

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