December 19, 2012

Tis The Season - Cookies

The past few days have been full of Christmas around this house as I am sure it is in most houses.  Abigail loves it all and so I have tried really hard to space out the fun activities so that there are new and fun things to do on different days.
The other day was cookies day.  Abigail and I made the cookie dough during the day but kept it chilled until daddy could come home and help out.
This was a full family activity with Ethan keeping a close eye on what shapes were chosen.
When Abigail wasn't busy eating the dough, she was having a wonderful time making trees, stars, and candy canes.  The original plan was to frost the cookies the next night but we got busy.  I found I prefer to give Abigail an unfrosted cookie over a frosted one anyway so they have stayed the way they are and she loves them since she doesn't know anything is missing. 


mother said...

Looks like fun was had by all, eve Ethan in the bumbo/dumbo/bimbo seat! haha

Beth said...

In the past, I have always made a bunch of cutout cookies in early November, and stuck them in the freezer to decorate later on. Almost every year, they are long gone before Christmas, because Josh will eat every one of them plain, FROZEN, when he gets himself a little snack at night! Ha! This year I only made one batch and they never got frosted, either. They were gobbled up plain. I figure, hey, less sugar, less dye... right? Oh well. :) Some year the boys will enjoy decorating them and then I'll make more of an effort to hide them!

heath said...

great fun!!!! did A have a favorite shape?

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