December 11, 2012

The Sights, Sounds and Smells of Real Life

While on vacation we took advantage of the local Honolulu Zoo.
 It was a super fun afternoon full of seeing all of Abigail's favorite animals in real life.  If you know Abigail you know that she loves elephants, or Thump, Thumps as we call them at our house.  We spent a long time checking out these large Thump, Thumps in person.
 And while at the zoo Abigail found a new friend, an elephant just her size.
 Even though Josh is a monkey man, and we saw a lot of monkeys that day, his favorite part was the giraffes.  We were lucky enough to be there just as the giraffes and zebras were being fed so all of the animals were really up close and personal.
 Ethan missed out on this fun part of the day but he was there.  I took many pictures of Ethan sleeping on this trip because that is what he did a lot of when we went on our afternoon activities.  I know in a few years he is going to look back at all of these pictures and ask where he was and I want him to know that he was always with us.  The way these kids stick to opposite schedules meant that Ethan was awake in the hotel room mid-day when Abigail napped.  Oh well, someday we will all be on the same schedule. 
 Even with the birds, lemurs, sloths, lions, tigers, hippos (now that was cool), elephants and all, I think Abigail's favorite part of the day was chasing the pigeons.
What can I say, when you are two it is often the little things that bring the most joy.


heath said...

such cute pictures of you guys w/ the animals...and E sleeping of course :)
love the one w/ A and baby elephant

maybe he was dreaming of all the wonderful animals?

mother said...

Great pictures! Just great! Abigail and Ethan are adorable!

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