December 28, 2012

The Day Before

Christmas Eve at our house was full of relaxing, preparing and enjoying.
 Abigail was in full Christmas spirit during the day as we read books, sang songs and told plans of the excitement the next day would bring.
 Josh has always had to work on Christmas Eve but since it fell on a Monday his boss was so nice and let him have it off.  Together we made a new batch of cut out cookies so we would have some to share with Santa.  (When Ethan is sleeping Abigail claims the bumbo)
 We opened a few presents that we had been admiring for so many days
 And took the time to play with and enjoy each one.
 We rounded the day out with an early dinner of special foods all before
we dressed up and went to the Christmas Eve service.  What a wonderful day it was.  The next day would bring more joys, different excitement and a day at home.  But this day, the day before, was full of treasures to remember in itself.  Honestly, I do believe the day before is my favorite.


mother said...

Crazy about that homeless little lady who pushes her cart of stuff around the house all day long. Glad the Santa hats fit her and Anna so well, too.

heath said...

so cute!!!! A looked very prepared for the next day!! so cute seeing her open ethans this how the next morning went too??

the dinner looks wonderful..was the pork loin?

love the family photo..esp your little man in his tux!! you all look wonderful!

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