December 10, 2012

So Full of Thoughts

As I sort pictures from our trip to share with you I am overwhelmed.  We had such a wonderful time and experienced so much in that week away.  
 We spent time at the beach, and took so many fun beach photos
 We were busy but relaxed at the very same time no matter where we went and what we did.
 In those seven days we connected as a family.  Very few phone calls were made, no emails were sent and mail was forgotten.  It was so nice to just be us.
 There was so much beauty to see.  We loved all of the new sights, sounds, tastes, history and culture that we were able to learn.  
The blog posts from our trip will be many for sure but will be intermingled with our day to day lives here at home.  As the christmas lights light up my home, the woodstove is blazing to keep us warm and we reflect back on these pictures it is like a good dream.  Ahh, just what a vacation should be.


mother said...

Nice! You all look so good.

Anonymous said...

It must be so weird to get on the plane in Alaska with the reallly cold weather and get off in Hawaii to like 80's!!! Glad you had a great time. carol

heath said...

love the last pic of you and A---you look so beautiful mommma!! what black shirt is that???
can't wait to see the new dress...

keep the pics coming...
did A learn to say "Aloha"?

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