December 7, 2012

On Turning 2

We do things pretty simple around our house but that doesn't mean we don't love to celebrate.
 We got home from Hawaii the day before Abigail's birthday so before we even unpacked our bags we started to put things together for our little girl.
 What Josh worked on was a making a birthday sign to hang with some streamers and balloons.
 And on that note, Abigail loves balloons so we gifted her with balloons.  We blew and blew and blew up balloons and covered the floors with balloons to play with.
 Abigail woke up from her nap to all of these changes and was so very pleased.  
 Abigail loves to cook so I waited until the afternoon when she could bake her cupcakes with me.  Of course she loved this and was more than willing to lick the spoon.
It was a wonderful day full of celebrating our girl.  We can't believe that she is already 2.  Oh my, what the new year will bring is sure to be fun.


lindajo said...

Love the banner and the birthday hat!

heath said...

maybe instead of baking the cupcakes (which she doesn't seem to eat...what??????) you should have just given her cake batter for her birthday??

love all the birthday very cute! gosh, she looks so grown up in the pic w/ her princess hat! love it all and may have to borrow the balloon trick for March..hmmmmm.

so did the balloons disappear on the 6th?

heath said...

what all did she get in her BIG birthday boxes...besides the grocery cart?


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