December 6, 2012

Getting Back

Last week, even though the blog carried on like usual, we were not at home.
 Nope, this little family took a vacation.  We left the bitter cold days of Alaska for just a little while and went to sink our feet into the sandy beaches of Hawaii.
Now as we settled back in, celebrate Abigail's birthday, prepare for Christmas, unpack, recover from colds, and resume our regular life the warmth of those days in the sun linger.  Can't wait to sort our pictures and share the adventures with you.


mother said...

Love those fat little toes digging in the warm, Hawaiian sand. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I hope some stuck there all the way to cold Faribanks.

heath said...

oh the blue water and blue it for you guys!! what a happy family!!! so glad you got 'away' for a while....