December 14, 2012

Diamond Head

Diamond Head is a volcanic crater right outside of Waikiki and is one of the state of Hawaii's most photographed landmarks.
 We were lucky enough to see Diamond Head from our hotel each day and when we heard a local bus took visitors to the base we planned a visit.
 It was nice to get out of the city a little bit and see a little bit more of the island.  The residential area near diamond head is not an area with beaches but instead steep cliffs.  This doesn't discourage the surfers at all, I just can't figure out how they got down the cliffs to the water.
 The top of diamond head was once used as an army bunker during world war I.  It was where the army kept a look out for the island and had mortars and artillery set up for defense.  So even though 2/3 of the hike was on the mountain/rocky trail, the last 1/3 of the hike was up stairs, through a tunnel, then more stairs 
 and then finally one more set of spiral stairs.  Ethan took a nap on Josh in the moby and Abigail hung out with me for the hike.  Maked us wonder how parents with three, or more, kids do it!
 Finally just below the final look out we entered the WWI bunker.  What a cool experience, not what we are used to at the end of a hike.
 Since we have our active toddler I am thankful that the final look out was well fenced in.  After doing the hike on my back this girl was ready to run off some energy before she hopped back in the Ergo for the ride back down the mountain.  
And like most days, but especially after being so hot this day, we ended the day at the beach.  Really when you are hot and sticking from hiking in warm tropical weather all day there is nothing better the the cool refreshing feel of the water.  Ahh.

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heath said...

what a fun day!!! it must have been so nice to strap the kids on and go for a fun hike....who is carrying the water and snacks?? you make it look love LOVE the beach photo! A's suit is adorable. thanks so much for sharing these moments!

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