December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

Our Christmas this year was filled with the joy, excitement and pleasures only small children can bring.
 Since our girl has been so good, and she is the only one that mattered this year right?, Santa did indeed come to our house.  Since Abigail only knows that Santa gives out candy canes (straws as she calls them), Santa was sure to put one in the very top of her stocking.  She was very pleased and ate that first thing.
 Being the only toddler in the house she had the pleasure of opening all of the presents, for everyone, all day.  Being only 2 we kept an eye on her and when she would get tired or bored with the opening we paused until later.  Thus we slowly opened gifts here and there all day, what a fun way to do it.
 Although Ethan wasn't as enthusiastic about the gifts as Abigail was, he did try his hand in opening one or two.
 But like most Christmases, the day was full of family, the blending of traditions from Josh's past as well as mine, and the creation of new ideas for our family.  
As the day wrapped up and Abigail closely inspected each gift as we read each new book I smiled at the joy of the day.  What a Merry Christmas it was indeed.  

1 comment:

heath said...

such fun photos!!
i love that A had a straw for breakfast :) so very funny...

the meal looks beautiful!! yummy--wish i was there!

Also, i love the way your house is set up and that you can always get that perfect looking down at the table shot that explains everything. so fun!

What a stack o presents on the table! wow!

lastly, A's little nativity is very cute!! i don't remember you telling me about this...i know C has LOVED hers!

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