December 5, 2012

Abigail, You Are...

On this very special day in December I want to focus on my little girl.  
Abigail, you are...
 You are the little girl that made me a mama and your dada a father when you arrived on December 5th at 12:33 am
 You are the part that changed us from just a couple into a family
You are what helped change our views on everything we saw, did and planned for.  
 You are why we now have a "baby/toddler" proofed house as you find getting into everything your favorite activity.
 You are who we love to share our favorites with and see what favorites will claim for yourself
 You are who taught us how to celebrate the end of year one and the start into the next one
 You are always reminding us that it is important to stop and read a favorite book in the sun
 You are always in search of the sweetness in life and know that a lot of them come from your mama's mixer
 You are why we look at all things as adventures
 You are a lover of water inside, outside, in a pool and in an ocean
 You are always telling us and reminding us that you are growing up fast and that you have big goals to head towards.
 You are a girl who loves to cuddle and we love when you come running up to hug us all day long.
 You are our inspiration to stay young and to enjoy all each day offers.
Abigail, you are TWO.


grandma said...

Happy birthday, my dearest girl! How can you be 2 (TWO?!) already?

heath said...

love love LOVE this very sweet and TRUE!!! It's so very fun to have all these pics from birth until 2 in one spot to watch her 'grow'.....

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