December 27, 2012

A Day In Honolulu

While I take time to sort through this week's pictures I thought I would take another look at a day in Hawaii.
 While most of our vacation took place in Waikiki we did take one day and headed into Honolulu.  We visited the state's capital buildings and learned about the last queen of the Islands, the battles that occurred on the islands and how they became the 50th state of the US.
 While we were touring around we saw a bunch of chairs being set up and much to our delight we found out that the Royal Hawaiian band was setting up for a Christmas Concert.  A hour on a green lawn in Hawaii on the last day of November sounded perfect.
 It was fun that it was a concert full of hawaiian traditions and thus giving us more insight into the life of the islands.
We know that Abigail, and especially Ethan, were young on this trip and won't remember all of these experiences in the future, but it was all worth it anyway.  Each day we were there, experience we encountered, sight we saw drew us together as a family.  While I have more pictures, and this and that to share as the days go by, it is that time spent as a family that stands out the most of all the things we did on our trip.

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mother said...

Is Abigail dancing to "Hula Hula Baby" in that picture?

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