November 1, 2012

The Raising Heat

When the basement was Josh's wood shop we daily battled with the dust and fumes from the shop moving into the rest of the house.   
But now that the basement is a cleaner space in the house it was time to open it up a little more to the rest of the house.  With the wood stove downstairs the advantage to opening it up is allowing heat to flow a little better through the colder parts of the house.
Whenever Josh's projects take place in the living space of the house he gets a helper.  As much as he tries, this little girl just can't be kept away from her Daddy when he pulls out his tools.  She is a house builder in training!
Josh put in two floor vents.  One under a window right above the wood stove and one in front of our relight door.
And we can already feel the difference.  Josh commented the other day that he couldn't feel heat blasting through like you might think, the basement is very warm, but it does flow in slow and steady.  Our living room upstairs has been on average about 8 degrees warmer this week than last, very, very nice!


lindajo said...
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lindajo said...

YEAH !! One more thing off the list.

mother said...

Can you really tell? Is that spot over the grate feel cozy?

heath said...

i was wondering the same as mother....i think i would camp out in that spot :)

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