November 8, 2012

The Letter of the Day

Abigail loves her refrigerator magnets.  She by no means has all 26 letters, that would be way too many to keep track of, but she gets a few new ones each day.  These magnets get rides in the stroller, put in and out of pots and pans, and are carried around in Abigail's little purse.  In addition to playing with these letters she can tell you that M stands for Mum (what she is calling me these days), D is for Daddy, b is for baby, J is for jump and so forth.
The other morning when I opened the pantry I was greeted by the new letter from the day before, L for laugh.  And laugh I did.  One thing is for sure, the way Abigail's brain works is different from mine and I find great joy in the ways she surprises me each day.


heath said...

so very sweet!!! is J no longer for 'Josh'? love that you all do this!!! she'll be ready to fill out her 'mums' birthday letters just in time....K is for...... :)

mother said...

L is for Laugh! Keep that one at the ready for the more trying times-haha. Finding these colorful little letters in new places is like the fun of an Easter egg hunt!

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