November 19, 2012

The Issue With Tongues

A lot of knowledge about tongue ties, the commonly known tongue ties and posterior ones, have comes out in the last few years.  Due to a few problems, nursing and such, we figured out that Ethan had a posterior tongue tie.  Once we knew that we realized that all the problems we had with Abigail nursing back when she was itty bitty was also due to her being tongue tied as well.
 So last week I took both kids, alone (what was I thinking), to the doctors to have their tongues untied, or clipped as most people know it as.  It was a hard day.
To help Abigail exercise her new tongue movement I made her popsicles. 

And then I got the chance to teach her how to eat a popsicle.  Yes, Josh and I are realizing more and more why popsicles are meant for outdoors on hot summer days, our floors are a mess!
But these new frozen treats made my girl very happy, and for a moment she forgot her mouth hurt.
This whole experience was hard on ethan but so much less traumatizing.  Oh the joy of being able to forget!  Lets just hope the whole thing was worth it, right. 


mother said...

Our poor, sad babies with sore mouths. But by now all is better, i am sure.

heath said...

ohhhhhh, great idea on the popsicles momma! also, A's outfit in the first picture is SO CUTE!!! did all the lovely red come out of everything?
is it odd that A's pirate face is just plain normal by now? I mean, i think i would stop and ponder her well being more now if she didn't have her 'NORMAL, pirate' smile

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