November 6, 2012

Table For One, And Friends

When Abigail was 14 months old she and I went to Texas.  When we were there we went to Ikea and I found the perfect table and chair for our girl.  Her little table sits in the kitchen and it is there that she plays, colors, and paints.
And recently, it is where she has been having her after nap snack.  Seeing her sit there, legs crossed, eating her food with my water bottle makes me laugh.  How did my one year old get so old?
The next day after nap when it was time to eat I realized that maybe Abigail had been a little lonely the day before.  Now when it is time to eat there is a crowd to join her, we should have bought more chairs.

1 comment:

heath said...

SO WONDERFUL!!!! there's never a big enough it!
i'll b excited to see ethan in the mix when he's big enough

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