November 13, 2012

Side by Side

It is tricky going on walks with two kids in the winter.  I had a rule with Abigail that I am keeping again this year, if it is below zero the kids don't walk with me.  On those too cold days I wait and take my walk when Josh is home in the evenings.  If it is above zero I get to take the kids and walk when it is light out.  
So far this winter when I go on walks I always carry Ethan in the Moby underneath my coat.  He stays warm and I can hear him breathing and know that he is safe and comfortable.

Yesterday afternoon it was 2 degrees at our house and I was so excited to have a green light for going on a walk after experiencing negative digits most of last week.  Between naps for two, going to the potty and bundling all three of us into all of our arctic gear you can understand how the timing on such an outing has to be carefully planned.  Thus I am sure you can imagine my dismay when I realized the Moby wrap was missing.  Ethan spends part of every day in this wrap and I was distraught to realize it was left in the car, that Josh had taken to work, after going to church on Sunday.
Not to be discouraged I pushed ahead with my plan for a walk and moved to plan B, putting Ethan in the stroller.  Since he is still small and can't sit up he hasn't gone in our wonderful double stroller yet but there is always a time for everything.  First I bundled Abigail up, then put Ethan in a snow suit, hat and started layering the blankets.  His seat in the stroller was reclined as far as it could go and after I took this picture I draped a blanket over the top of his side of the stroller to keep out any wind we might encounter.   The temperature dropped to -5 degrees by the time we made it back home but we all returned safe and sound, and happy to be back in our warm basement.  Ever since the day I test drove the stroller at the store last February I have dreamed of the day when I would push both of my babes.  I smile when I realize that yes, that day has finally arrived.


mother said...

And those moments in the fresh air are worth ALL the effort expended to get them! How well I remember! Good for you, Mama! You get a star for the day!

heath said...

yay!! good job momma!! ethan looks like a bear in there!

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