November 27, 2012

Renewed Interest

Ethan has been doing so well at growing and becoming strong.
 He can hold his head up so well that Josh tried him out in the ultra saucer the other day.  Of course he wasn't in there too long but his first experience was fun.
 Abigail has a really hard time watching her brother start to enjoy toys.  Even if the toys he is interested in are ones that she is too old for once he takes a look at it she is all for it!  Thus she just had to give the ultra saucer a try once Ethan was done.
Oh my girl, you might not remember but there was a time when this toy was 100% yours.  Where did those days go?


heath said...

oh my.....very fun. at least she waits until he is DONE with the toy before trying to climb in right???

mother said...

How I just laughed to see overgrown Abigail sitting in that saucer! She is probably wondering just WHAT is so interesting about these little toys that are all attached--?! How funny that she even still fits in it. Such a pipsqueak! Let the SHARING begin-or WWIII, you could call it.

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