November 14, 2012


As tiring as some days are, I really am loving this point in my life and the life of my family.  We have such simple days and enjoy simple pleasures.  I have had to put most of my projects and hobbies aside for the time being as my little ones need me to be a mama to them more than create things for them right now.  That being said I do find bits and pieces of time here and there to create and accomplish.
Most of these bits of time happen to be when Josh is home.  It is easier to step away for a moment, make a mess of supplies, and be able to focus when there is an extra pair of adult hands in the house to hold a baby in need and entertain a toddler.
But even with daddy around, Mama doing projects is by far the most entertaining item of the day.  So you can clearly see why it is that when I sat down to work on a little something the other day my helper was quick to join me.
Whenever I get frustrated by this I remind myself that there is going to come a day in the not so distant future when I will sit down alone and no helpers will arrive.  With that reminder I don't mind my lap being filled because as I teach little hands my projects my heart fills up too.


mother said...

Your thoughts are so poignant. And so true. Well written and well recognized. I'm heading to the sewing machine for some mending and would be thrilled to have a small helper to join me.

Anonymous said...

If that face is not the sweetest!!! Blessings on her and your family!

Beth said...

Your mom hit the nail on the head with her comment. I so need this reminder, often! The one that gets me is when Ben (almost 5) will drive his Matchbox cars along the edge of the counter. He'll bump into me at the sink doing dishes and he'll say, "Beep beep, Mommy!" and I have to step back to let him pass through. Cute, cute... for the first 99 times. And then I'm thinking, OK, kid, I need to get some stuff DONE! Ha! But someone pointed out to me once, Ohhh... you will MISS that. And it almost made me cry! Of course I will. I will wish that I could have just one day of his childhood back, so that I could happily step aside and let him pass through. I better cherish these moments right now! :)

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