November 21, 2012

Not Too Big, Not Too Small

People ask me a lot about how Abigail and Ethan are getting along.  I will be honest and say that there are times when Abigail really wants my attention when Ethan needs me but for the most part they are very excited with each other.  
The main reason for the peaceful relationship I believe is that to Abigail, Ethan is HER baby.  She loves to hold him, hug and feed him, shhh him and also imitate how I am caring for him with her other dolls.  Abigail likes getting right in Ethan's face, making him smile and laugh.  The other day Josh realized that Ethan fit perfectly into Abigail's little stroller, do not worry we didn't let her move the stroller with him in it.  Abigail thought this was wonderful and it just confirmed to her that yes, Ethan is the perfect baby doll brought to life.


mother said...

He will always have a big sister telling how what to do and how to do it. And, you know, that's OK--at least from the point of view of a big sister, myself. (haha)

heath said...

very cute...but with ethan in the little stroller--he looks HUGE....i wish i could see him! love the photo!

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