November 7, 2012

Little Friends

At my baby shower for Abigail a friend gave us several little stick toys that squeak.
When Abigail was just a few weeks old we put them by her changing pad.  They were right at the level where she could look at them and talk to them, when she wasn't sleeping that is.
Those little stick friends have come out of retirement with the arrival of Ethan in the house.  I had a complete flashback of those days with Abigail yesterday when Ethan started talking to his friends as well.  Added to the mix is the special rattle Aunt Hillary and Uncle Drew bought Ethan in England.  These little friends are the perfect playmates for Ethan as he starts to explore his world.  (The hippo and monkey are back at their place next to the changing table so Ethan finds small friends in the places where he needs them!)


heath said...

very cute....:) claudia did good with these right?
If you get time, would love to see some ethan videos of him cooing.... ;)

mother said...

I remember those little friends! How time blurs the lines and this is a new babe greeting these same little toys.

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