November 30, 2012


I mostly love that Abigail is my helper.  

She loves to cook.  At random parts of each day she will yell, Cook, and run to the pantry for her apron.  Anna her baby doll also has an apron that was modified from raggedy Ann's pinafore and so she too often joins in the fun.  When we cook together Abigail loves to do the stirring.  She is also really good at helping me add ingredients to a bowl.  Josh has been blessed recently with more pies, cookies, and puddings as Abigail and I find things to cook together. 
Abigail also loves to help me clean.  She is really good a wielding the toilet bowl brush, wiping things down with a dust rag and helping me scrub the shelves in the refrigerator.  

I find the days when she and I are having trouble messing are often days when I just want to "get things done."  I get easily frustrated with a little girl following me around and she gets frustrated that she can't find her place.  The lesson in having Abigail help me and teaching her how things are done is one I work at each day.  She loves to be there with me, helping and feeling that sense of accomplishment.  As  she asked to help me pick out sweet potatoes the other day while shopping I smiled.  Yes, I do have a helper, how very lucky am I.

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heath said...

yes you are very lucky---
I too am learning that while things take atleast double the amount of time with our 'helper' than without---I need to be so thankful. Our little girls are made to be helpers. I see daily how much C strives to please and help me.... So very sweet.

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