November 20, 2012

Fun Together

Over the weekend the weather warmed up to around zero.  This jump in temperatures meant time outside for all.
We all love our weekends for the main reason that Josh is home and we are a complete family.  Josh and Abigail have taken to spending time outside, all bundled up for one main reason.
Going on rides together.  In addition to being bundled to the hilt and wearing ski goggles, Abigail also wears a scarf wrapped around her mouth leaving only a little bit of her nose showing.  And even though she has to be bundled so much she loves it so!
Whenever we walk out the door of the house she runs over to the snowmachine shooting, "this, this, vroom, vroom."  Oh yes, Josh has a very enthusiastic little buddy to join him on his wintertime rides and nothing could make Josh happier!


mother said...

my oh my oh my oh my oh my........ fun for A, scary for this Grandma.

heath said...

What an Alaskan girl...I LOVE IT!

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