November 28, 2012

Evening Fun

In the evenings there is the feeling of coming in.  All the events of the day end with us together, upstairs, playing, kicking, laughing and working out the kinks the day brought.  Hope you enjoy these two little videos from the end of a normal old day.


mother said...

Just can't stop watching those babies!! Feel a wee bit as if I am sitting up there with you all. Thank you for those videos.

Beth said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE Abigail's mothering skills. :) She must have access to a pro that she has been watching lately!

Hat ... hat ... hat :)

heather said...

so very very very sweet!!!
Ethan's coo's are enough to make anyone's heart melt. My does he look like daddy.

Than, I love watching Abigail with her baby...such a sweet nurturer just like her momma! Where did she get her 'hat' that she is obviously THRILLED about? it's cute! and what is she sitting on in the video? i couldn't figure that out?

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