November 29, 2012

Bath Time

Abigail still takes baths in our kitchen sink, we love that we have a big sink!
And because she bathes there, so must her toys.
Abigail playing in water is a wonderful activity and keeps her happy for a half hour or more when we get going at it.
And even though this play results in a lot of water on the floor, I am pleased to find new fun and exciting things to do with Abigail on these long winter days.


mother said...

Look at that pony tail sticking out!! Hair is getting so long.

heath said...

such a GREAT idea!!! she looks very content and happy. does she 'wash' her toys? or just play in there with them? Also, her hair is cute. this is the first pic i've seen where it's in just a ponytail and not pigtails...adorable!

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