November 16, 2012

All Year Round

Feeding the ducks was a very fun activity for all of us this summer and fall.  We have also enjoyed the fun into these colder months as well.
 Some people say that these ducks don't migrate south because they are fed.  Yet because of their presence in town on these cold winter day I feel it is important to continue feeding them.
And it is more fun in the winter than even the summer because now they really love us and are slow.  Josh was even able to pick one of the birds up.  Sadly after these pictures were taken we went back a few days later on a colder day and the birds weren't willing to get out of the warmer water to walk across the snow to us for food.  So maybe it won't be a full winter event but we will try again for sure.

1 comment:

heath said...

Oh the Fairbanks ducks ;) The yearly article ran in the newsminer in early Nov about the ducks and the controversy...
glad A enjoys them :) so very cute! her red jacket looks so very snug! i love it!

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