October 2, 2012

Time For Good-bye

It snowed the other night, I am sure you are going to hear that a lot in the next few posts to come, but this was more significant this year than most.  You see the first snow came on the night that my mother left.  How did mother, Fairbanks and the weather all seem to know that this was the day that fall should end and winter should arrive?  Makes me wonder.
And as I ponder this I also ponder just how the summer could have gone all so fast.  This picture was taken back in May when my mother started her first day at our local hospital as their travel nurse.  Oh how sweet those memories are.  My mother has come up and visited us and worked in Fairbanks for the past four years and each year our time together seems sweeter and sweeter.  This year in particular was fun because not only did she work in Fairbanks but she lived with us.
By making our guest room her own she was here for evenings and days off.  This time we got to spend with her brought opportunities to share and enjoy the small day-to-day activities that makes up the life of a pregnant stay-at-home mother with a toddler.
Mother brought so much to our lives we feel so very full at the end of this summer.  She taught us that sometimes a mid-afternoon movie on a rainy day is the perfect thing to do.
That toys, tea sets, baby dolls, puzzles and more are so very fun and there are so many ways to play with each thing.  With my mother things never got old!
Together we enjoyed time indoors but also outdoors.  We went on adventures all over town, always went on walks, and spent afternoons just running up and down grassy hills and feeding ducks.  Any activity together was fun, exciting and fulfilling.
All the while she was here I grew bigger and bigger.  She would comment to people that at times she forgot I was pregnant just because I always was. (wish I could have forgotten a time or two, ha ha)  But as the summer came to a close, the leaves changed colors and September arrived, the knowledge that I was pregnant and our little Ethan was due at any time didn't leave our minds much at all.  How thankful I was to have her there for his big arrival.  How amazing it is that my mother, who makes her home 4,000 miles away, has been at the birth of both of my children does not escape me at all!!
And being the great grandmother that she is, she stepped into the role of loving both of my children the second Ethan arrived.  These past few weeks have been wonderful as she has helped care for my kids but more than that she also cared for me above all.  I am so thankful that she is my mother, that she was here with me this year and that we now have these weeks of memories to hold on to until we are once again able to be together.  I know the old saying is that all good things must come to an end.  Why this is I do not know but how I wish it was not true!


Anonymous said...

Sweet and kinda sad at the same time.
Glad you all had this time together. carol

mother said...

First of all, I had a FUN time in all the simple little things I did with you and Abigail. FUN, I say!
Secondly, the pictures show a lot (ha ha): that I wore a sweatshirt almost all summer; how my hair and Abigail's changed in 4 months; potty training was begun by the time I left (note the last picture); the crayons were all whole at one time early in the summer; and I corrupted Abigail with movies and popcorn. And I still don't sit back in a chair without checking to see if a little munchkin has climbed up behind me.
It was a PERFECT summer! I can't imagine it ever being better!

heath said...

so very beautiful.....love you momma davis!

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