October 18, 2012

The Tomato Story

I know I have mentioned that we have a few tomatoes, but folks, it is worth mentioning again.
 Because around this house we have quite a few tomatoes.
 And these beautiful tomatoes, that had to be picked off their vines before they were ready, are turning red fast and completely in our sunny kitchen.  So fast indeed that it was time for me to do something with our tomato crop, besides eating as many as I could each and every day.
 So I got to canning and thus had quite the day.  I experienced a first for me and my kitchen.  While canning a batch of tomatoes one of the jar's had its lid explode off.  This lid caused the lid to my hot water bath to fly across the kitchen and proceeded to fling bits of tomato all over my kitchen.  This picture was taken fast and about 1/2 way through the cleaning process but it can give you a little bit of an idea of what I was dealing with.  I had tomatoes up the cabinets, to the fridge, across the floor to the sink and in more cracks than you could ever imagine.  Oh boy.  The thing is I was having a really bad day before this happened so as I was cleaning the floors all I could do was laugh.
But regardless of the unexpected drama, at the end of the day I had a very clean kitchen, a batch of pasta sauce and a batch of just tomatoes (used later for tomato soups).  The plan was to can more but after cleaning for so very long the rest of the red tomatoes stayed whole.  We are still eating a lot, frequently, and there will be a need to make a pot of fresh tomato soup in a few days.  All in all I learned that sometimes a pot that explodes is all that is needed to help remind me how what I thought was bad, really wasn't that big of a deal after all.


heath said...

HOLY TOMATOES!! they are so very pretty though---and make the kitchen bar look very colorful (well, minus the explosion part). You're so lucky to have so much wonderful sauce..you'll be enjoying it all winter long :) Did you can the green ones too? or ??

mother said...

What a chore! You'll be finding little tiny pieces of tomatoes in weeks to come, I'll bet.

The red and green balls on the counter make me think of some unique Christmas decoration. Add a strand of little lights among the tomatoes and you are all set. ;-)

Beth said...

Oh my goodness, what a DAY! Did the exploding jar break, or did just the top fly off? I am just imagining picking shards of glass out of everything...

You have such a wonderful attitude, Kathleen! I'm pretty sure I would have just cried!!

mother said...

I just reread this blog and thought, "Oh, I should have been there! I am your super-duper cleaner." I could have had a great time scrubbing away.

Guess I just missed it and you got all the FUN!