October 30, 2012

The Drawer

When Josh built our wall of doors in the basement there was an open space on the bottom left that didn't have a purpose.
 To fill it in, and make it useful, Josh made a drawer for that area.  It is a big drawer, deep and wide.  We have actually had a lot of conversations regarding this drawer.  What would this drawer hold?  I thought it would fit blankets perfectly for when we made the basement a tv/family room.  Josh thought it would be great at holding our bigger winter gear like snow pants.  Oh the possibilities.  Well, the decision was made for us later in the summer with the arrival of a wonderful box from Texas.
 Abigail's cousin Gigi is growing up.  As she grows she realized that she had some dress up clothes that she just didn't use any more.  So she and her mother sweetly thought of Abigail.  They boxed them up and sent them north.  The perfect contents for Josh's new drawer.
Abigail loves all of the wonderful dresses, costumes, pom poms and ruffles.  This drawer will be put to good use for sure.  Every day Abigail runs to the drawer saying dress, dress.  Thank you Gigi and Aunt Kelly for helping fill our days with dreams, twirls and colorful imagination!   


mother said...

Perfect idea!! What fun lies in store for all the winter days you are forced inside!

heath said...

oh how fun!!! it was great to be there for arrival of this wonderful box and i'm so happy you found the perfect spot for these little gems....A is so cute!