October 31, 2012

The Day for Dress-Up

Last year Abigail and I were in New Jersey with my sister and her husband for Halloween.
 While we were there we went to a halloween party.  Because of this event I bought Abigail a ladybug costume, and she looked super cute.
Well, in preparation for a party last weekend I was sorting through what we had and came across the ladybug costume in storage.  Even though Abigail is a year older, and a little taller, the costume still fit.  So my spunky little girl got the chance to be a ladybug once again.  Now that she is more grown up and has a strong opinion on things the hood was a no go but that was ok.  Ethan got to join in the mix and was a fuzzy pumpkin for the day too.  Josh and I don't get into the dress up mode but it is fun to let our kids do that for us.  Hope you all have a fun Halloween.

1 comment:

heath said...

very cute!! and great A got another year out of her ladybug costume...did you make ethans?