October 25, 2012

The Crazy Things We Do

I keep a small camera in my purse for when we are out and about.  I don't often download pictures from this camera though because of it being in my purse.  When I finally do, like I did the other day, I find it full of memories and events that stretch back weeks and months from now.  I laughed at some of the fun things I saw.  Things I did with my mother when she was visiting this summer.
Fun firsts for Abigail, like her very own ice cream cone.  Why we chose to give it to her when she was sitting all alone in the back seat of a car, well only my mother would know that.  Something about being a grandma makes her a lot more bold when it comes to things like this than I am.
Grandma also introduced Abigail to the world of steamers.  Mother had an appointment in town once a week and we often joined her.  Abigail and I would walk around downtown when mother was at her appointment and then afterwards when we were together again, Mother would buy a steamer.  Well, this started to become Abigail's favorite part of the day. She would gladly help Grandma finish off the last of the cooled milk and often ask for more.  The last week before Grandma left she bough Abigail her very own steamer, this girl was very pleased.  I am not as generous with these in town splurges, goes back to being the mama instead of the grandma thing again, but it doesn't stop Abigail from asking for them.  What a fun memory.
The last night mother and I were together we took a run to Fred's for me to pick up some groceries.  While carrying Ethan around the store mother found this good deal on little beds and thought it fun to see how our big, little, baby would fit.  

Call us crazy but these are just some of the things we do.


mother said...

Thanks for those memories! Ethan in the doggie bed. Abigail making a mess of the ice cream cone and a bit of a mess with the steamer... I miss all the laughter over events such as these. I really do.

heath said...

very fun pictures...and very fun memories! your momma was brave to put A in the backseat w/ her OWN ice cream...how did it turn out? wish there was a follow up photo of that! i think the pic of Ethan is hilarious in freddies---he looks very content in his $22 bed.....