October 5, 2012

Saving What We Can

Something about the first snow that sticks with you, even if the first snow melts off by lunch time.
 The morning when you wake up and the world, that has turned gray from all the leaves being gone, suddenly starts to turn white.  Whenever we get the first snowy day I bake cookies but a night time frost doesn't get such attention.  Instead it means we get a slight wake up call to makes sure the yard is cleaned, winter tires are on the cars, fire wood is ready for burning and that our snow gear is unpacked from storage.
 This year it also meant that special attention needed to be paid to the greenhouse.  You see the night it actually snowed the greenhouse was ok since it was cloudy.  The following night wasn't so lucky.  A full moon and clear skies might be perfect for watching northern lights but not so perfect for keeping the temperatures close to or above freezing.
 In an attempt to keep our greenhouse above freezing we put our little portable heater inside and set a timer up.  The plan was a hour on, three hours off.  If the temperatures didn't get too low this system should have worked.
 With the heater set into place we gave our tomatoes a small pep talk about staying warm and headed inside.  A hour later we took a quick look at the thermometer and we sad to see our grand plan was not working well enough.  The outside temperature was just too low that our little heater couldn't warm our big greenhouse up enough.
So our evening plans changed quickly.  Instead of staying inside, being warm and having a relaxing evening Josh and I put on coats and head lamps and headed out.  We aren't exactly sure how our many buckets of green tomatoes are going to do and just how many are going to turn red inside the house, but it was worth it.  Even if a 1/3 of our late night harvest changes to red we will be in good shape.  But until that day, I am doing a lot of google searches on things to make with green tomatoes.


heather said...

job well done..looking forward to hearing what you'll make...or tricks you may have to help ripen those greenies...

what adventures you and josh share---memories that will last forever :)

Anonymous said...

There is a movie about them... so they must have many possible and popular uses.

mother said...

I can smell that delicious growing tomato aroma of the greenhouse. After all the pampering all summer, I can imagine how fast you ripped those green buggers OFF the vines that night. Too bad Abigail couldn't help. She loved pulling off the little ones.