October 22, 2012

Once You Learn, Teach

You can always tell what Abigail is learning to do by watching what she teaches her dollies.
So what this doll is doing just gives you a glimpse of what our big girl has learned to do over this past week.
I am happy to report that day time potty training has been a huge success in this house.  The past week has been full of patience, hand washing, patience, skittles, patience and shouts of praise as Abigail picked right up on what she was supposed to do.  Abigail loves to teach others what she has learned, every doll and animal has had the chance to try out the potty recently.  I wouldn't be surprised if Ethan is trying out the potty soon too.  Well, maybe we should work on just rolling over first, but I am sure, left up to Abigail, he will learn a lot.


heath said...

she's going to be an amazing big sis through and through ;) love the pics and her enthusiasm to learn ;) such a sweet heart and smart little one :)

mother said...

Very cute. and she is sitting where her Mama sits-in the encouragement chair. Way to go, Abigail! What a big girl!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!