October 1, 2012

Off On An Adventure

Something about having two children makes a parent start to seek out opportunities to have one on one time with the individual children.  Where everything we did with Abigail a month ago was one-on-one time there is now a division of our attention at home and in town.  I am very aware of this but as much as I try to give Abigail everything she needs physically and emotionally there is now Ethan in the mix as well as Abigail.  This issue is more important with the fact that Josh has been working a lot recently and isn't home.  I have been completely blessed that my mother has been with me to help divide up the load and be there for Abigail when I fall short.  
 Having said all of that, weekends when Josh is home is a time for Abigail to get to see he Daddy.  To help make that time special we try to set aside time for them to just be together.  On a quick side note, our town is trying to start up a children's museum.  Right now they are a museum without walls meaning that once a month they find a place in town to set up their activities and the kids can come and enjoy.  So last weekend Josh and Abigail went on a daddy-daughter date to the museum.
And boy did they enjoy it all.  The toys, the lessons, activities, lights, watching the other kids, time together and a chance to just play where just about everything was a "yes" and not a "no".  Meanwhile I was home enjoying one-on-one time with Ethan.  Not a bad deal at all.  As a parent of multiple children I see this trend in our future!


heath said...

such a beautiful thing to take advantage of..i hope they get funding and a bldg soon as Fairbanks is just desperate for something like this for kids! I love that daddy and A had a date...so very special and wonderful.

mother said...

Get a load of that filled grocery cart. Whe's a woman with a mission just like her Mama.


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