October 16, 2012

Just Her Size

With winter here, and Josh's woodshop now in the shed, not too many more woodworking projects are going to be completed this year.  But the other day Josh did take the time, and brave the cold, to finish up a special request.
 He worked on building Abigail her very own little refrigerator.  You see these parents of her's really wants her to have her very own play kitchen and this was the first step.
 With a freezer on top, fridge on the bottom, shelves for foods and lots of room to grow into this toy, Josh presented this to Abigail.  Ever since there has been many hours of play and imagination that has come from this work of art.  Josh has also been finishing up a few things as well to help add to her "kitchen" but those will be a post for a later day.
And as she plays, her brother grows.  The way these days seem to be flying by it won't be long before the kitchen will be host to two children with big imaginations and hours of fun.


mother said...

That refrigerator is remarkable! Even rounded door fronts! josh, you never cease to amaze me! She must be thrilled. I know I am--haha.
I know you complain that I wear my hats too far back on my head, but poor Ethan can't see a thing with the hat over his eyes. There IS a happy medium.

Anonymous said...

Josh, you are amazing with your wood working abilities! What a great house you have! carol

heath said...

what a great new 'toy' that will provide so much fun! way to go daddy!!!!!