October 3, 2012

How We Roll

So this picture was taken awhile ago and even though time has passed I still wanted to share it with you.  This was Ethan's first walk when he was 5 days old.
Even as the weather has gotten cooler this is still how we go.  I just now wear a sweatshirt or coat over both me and Ethan in the Moby and Abigail gets a blanket over her legs.  Our daily walk keeps me sane.  The fresh air and time to move keeps us all going strong.   


mother said...

To quote a special friend,
those walks ARE sanity. I know for a fact!

heath said...

great pic...and how fun that the moby matches the bob! cracks me up that A still does the pirate look...wonder if we'll see this expression for middle school pictures? What happens if you don't say smile....or does the camera just bring out this look? i couldn't remember?

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