October 12, 2012

Grown-up Eating

Feeding Abigail has never been an easy task.  Her father and I love to eat so I have never fully understood this resistance to almost everything we give her.  This resistance has lead me to really work, daily, at my attitude towards feeding Abigail and finding a balance between getting food into her and letting her decide how much to eat.
A recent week of food protesting lead me reevaluate our situation to see what needed to be changed to encourage Abigail to start eating again.  Since Abigail had been fighting against her high chair, I thought that would be a good place to start.  We are lucky enough to have a high chair that adjusts in height, and so with the tray removed Abigail can slide right up to the table.   With her plate, fork, and spoon she looks so grown up eating with us.  
In search of a placemat I can across one I had from my childhood.  Abigail loves it but has a hard time covering up the picture of the pretty birds.  As for the eating, this new eating arrangement has really helped.  What a difference a little change can bring! 


mother said...

I laughed that she doesn't want to cover the pretty birdies on her placemat and pushes the dishes to the sides. shows how her creative little brain works!

heath said...

smart momma! way to adapt!

heather said...

smart momma...way to adapt :)