October 29, 2012

For The Winter Ahead

With winter upon us we have started to settle in.  We are an outdoorsy type of family and for all of the spring, summer and fall months that is where we have been.  In the winter we love the outdoors as well but with young kids, the amount of time outside is limited.
Thus the transformation in our basement is perfect.  What was Josh's work shop just last year has been made into what a family with an active toddler needs, space to run.  Someday this basement will be a family room with couches and such but for now what it needs is space.  And space it got.  Abigail's toys are set up, her swing from outside was brought in and with the wood stove downstairs this area is warm and ready for the winter months ahead.  


mother said...

It looks SUPER!! Like a day care! All it needs is a busy little girl with an imagination and lots of laughter. I think I know who can supply that part... :-)

heath said...

what a wonderful play space...i love it!!!! now is this the corner where the bed was that i slept in??? A will have tons of fun down here--no doubt!