October 26, 2012

Custom Fit

For Abigail's baby shower we were gifted a membership to the Walmart photo place.  This was a great gift, and a good idea if you need one in the future, since the membership offers a lot of great deals to us throughout the year on photos.  Thus we have gone as a family a lot to have pictures take and keep up on all the changes that are going on as our family grows.
 Just before Ethan was born we went to have our picture taken one last time as a family of three.  While there they had a deal on a free 10x30 picture.  A unique size but fun to get.  Once we got it home we realized it was a good enough picture to hang up, but now we needed the frame.  Josh, being who he is, had no problem with this and set right to work. 
I think t turned out great.  The only thing missing is Ethan (he was there, just not visible), but I am sure another sale will come alone soon.  With Josh able to build us frames for uniquely sized pictures, anything will do. 


Anonymous said...

OH, how nice this looks! Great picture. carol

Anonymous said...

I like that picture a lot and the frame really matches it. Abigail in her true cartoon character form!


heather said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!! A's pigtails are the perfect centerpiece :) ha!! love love love it! and Josh--the frame is great!