October 15, 2012


Abigail loves animals.  I know this probably is true for most toddlers but it is such a strong passion of Abigail's.  Meeting friendly dogs, feeding the ducks, or watching a moose wander across our yard are all big events and ones that make our girl very happy.  Another animal Abigail loves are birds.  Ravens and Grey Jays are what we mostly see on our walks but no matter what type of bird it is, it is a favorite.  
Thus recently we got our little bird watcher her very own bird feeder.  Using sunflower seeds I have had from our friend Julia, thanks so much Julia, we have had flocks of chickadees filling our deck.  Now that snow has arrived in Fairbanks the little birds must be telling their friends where the seeds are because we seem to get more every day.  They love the feeder and sitting on the wires on the deck.  How fun it is to have nature come right up to the deck for us to see and admire.


mother said...

the busy little winter birds flitting around the feeder on a bitter, snowy day ALWAYS made me happy, too. I'm with you , abigail!

heath said...

what fun...this is definitely a fun thing we do too!! birds provide tons of enjoyment don't they ;)