October 11, 2012

1 and 22

With Abigail and Ethan's monthly birthdays only a few days apart I thought it would be good to just do their monthly updates in the same blog post.

This post talks a little about what they are both up to right now.

Ethan - Month 1
As of October 9th, Ethan weighed in at 11 lbs 4.5 oz.  Oh yeah, we have a big boy on our hands.  Just for a little perspective, 0-3 month clothing usually fits babies up to 12 pounds.  Thus we are already pushing the limits on our 3 month clothing at the one month mark.  
 Ethan continues to be an easy, laid back baby.  He nurses well and besides eating, his main love is being held.  Since Ethan was born we have had help at the house with my mother and then Josh's mother.  The result of these the two things means that Ethan has joined Josh and me on several "dates plus one."  It has been a fun time for all.  
 Developmentally Ethan keeps us on our toes.  He loves to laugh, smile, coo and does a great job holding his head up.  How is my baby boy growing up so fast and is no longer a new born before I am ready.

Abigail - 22 months.

Our little girl keeps us on our toes each and every day.  She is full of energy and is so fun.  Her speech has really taken off this month.  She now will talk in sentences but unfortunately when she goes off on her long monologs they aren't in english.  Makes us laugh none the less.
 She is growing so much, as you saw in yesterday's post, but is still a little itty bitty girl.  You can see this from this picture.  Her pretty dress coat that she worn all last winter to church still fits.  I couldn't believe this but it is true.
And no matter what her physical size is she has a huge personality.  She knows her mind and sets out to do what she knows with all of her will.  For instance, in this picture she has decided that she doesn't want to wear her gloves, which I finally found, yeah.  So far I am still fighting this battle but as winter gets closer and closer it is one this mama is going to have to win.  Oh the trials of being almost two and living in a cold climate...

I have my hands full for sure with these two.  The days with them fly by and I can't wait to see what the next month bring to our home.  


heath said...

2 HUGE blessings from the Lord....you and Josh are doing a great job!!! Thanks for the wonderful update!

mother said...

Great pics of Daddy and Ethan. Especially good of Josh with the Moby. :-) Ethan is simply beautiful!!! And the sleeves are a tad short on Abigail's pretty blue coat-she may not be growing around the middle, but the arms and legs are getting longer!

Great grandma said...

Cute coat on Abigail