October 12, 2011

Welcome, Leave Your Coat At The Door

Until the deck was built this summer there was not exterior access to our arctic entry.  Then early in the summer when the deck and stairs were built up to the arctic entry door Shoeless arrived to stay with us and he moved on into his “room”.   With the dog bed, food bowl and water dish in there we didn’t use it for any more than a hallway all summer long.

But Shoeless has since moved out so now our arctic entry can now become more of what it was meant to be

For months now the coats we wear into the house get piled on the kitchen chairs right by the door the leads into the arctic entry.  A lot of time I promote entering the house through the basement where the coats can be stored but that doesn’t always 

So you can probably imagine my excitement when Josh built us some coat racks the other day.  They are both at an angle and at different heights to provide as much storage space as possible and to allow the little person in the house to be able to reach a hook and someday hang her own coat up.  What a wonderful addition to our home and great use of the arctic entry.


mother said...

Love that picture of smiling Josh and Abigail. Makes me smile, too.

heath said...

very fun!! looks great. i already imagine A running inside from playing and throwing her coat up on that rack that daddy made...so wonderful

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