October 17, 2011

An Uncertain Welcome

Autumn is such a wonderful time of year.  It is a time of preparation, warm soups, red cheeks from crisp air, reminder of woodstove smoke in the air and the cuddle of wool and fleece clothing.  I see it as a time to embrace the last colors, the roads that are not yet slippery, the walks that don’t yet involve snowsuits and fact that the sun still has enough strength of warm the earth enough each day to keep the snow away.

Autumn is a wonderful time and a very long one this year but that time has come to an end.  I have pictures for you of last week’s happenings that involve a lot of color but I thought I should let you know what happened this weekend, winter arrived.  It is such a beautiful thing to see the world turn white, all blemishes are covered for now.  The wild rabbits that live in our yard have been white and ready for this event for weeks now, but for me, I am not sure if I am as prepared.  Physically everything is ready for this event.  The tires on the car have been changed, the yard is picked up, the wood is hauled, we all have had our flu shots, the windows sealed shut but in my mind I still dream of waking up to sunshine and birds singing.  But ready or not the time has come.  I think I will go light a candle to bring some warmth and light on this cold and snowy morning.  That and I just might make a batch of cookies.                        


mother said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts so expressively. You WILL survive this winter, I just know it.

Anonymous said...

I gasped when I opened your blog and saw the snow! So glad you are coming to our sunny, leaf changing NJ fall days in just a couple of moments! Can't wait for you to arrive.


heath said...

snow snow snow...oh, i can't help but think how wonderful! A is old enough now to enjoy the new fluff in a brand new way (before the temps drop atleast). So excited for the fun you'll have with her and the future posts to come...for now, pack your bags for NJ!

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