October 26, 2011

Time To Craft

Even though it is only October there has been a lot of talk and thoughts on Christmas around our house.  And with all of that talk has come some time for creating.
My sewing area is still up in our sitting area right outside of Abigail’s bedroom.  It is the perfect place wit the thought that Abigail can play in her room while I get some projects done.  But as it turns out Abigail does love to play but play right where her Mama is.  So when I am cutting and piecing fabric Abigail hangs out under the cutting table.
And when I am sewing Abigail’s place is right under the desk.  She has declared herself Queen of the pressure foot.  Oh how interesting it is to try and sew when I have very little control over how fast the needle moves.  I am also learning to turn my machine off each and every time I finish a stitch.  
But even with the company the sewing projects have been coming out very nicely.  So much so that the other day I decided to do a little project for myself that I have wanted to do.  I had grabbed these jeans at the free market in August and they fit great except they were about an inch too short for my legs.
So I used some fabric left over from a recent project we made for a very special person and fixed my pants to fit me just a little better.
And as I tried them I could not be more pleased.  It feels so good in my newly decorated house jeans and Abigail loves that there is color and design right at her eye level.  A little time for crafts makes everyone happy.

1 comment:

heath said...

I'm sure you'll be teaching little A how to sew soon too!!! She already is interested...
cute pants too!!! kevin says, "schnaaazzy!"

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