October 21, 2011


One of the most excited things that  grew in our garden this year were our pumpkins.

The seeds were old, very old, and I started the plants with the feeling that if anything grew yeah but if not that was ok and it was just an experiment.
Yet these old seeds surprised me and produced seven pumpkins.  All which were picked green before the frost and then slowly turned orange in my big windows.
That is all but our big pumpkin.  That one stayed on the ground near the window and Abigail loved to play with it each day.
I enjoyed how the pumpkins helped our house feel bright and cheerful as the autumn winds blew all of the leaves off of our trees.
And some of the smaller pumpkins were used in a small arrangement for the table.
But the bigger pumpkins have a much different purpose than just pleasing our eyes.  They have been cut up, cooked, pureed and baked.  These days we are cooking up roasted pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies and dreaming of the next few days when we plan to make breads, cakes, pancakes, pumpkin butter and so much more.
Oh yeah, that makes us super happy indeed.


mother said...

Your autumn basket is so cute.

heath said...

what beautiful pumpkins...and i can smell the wonderful foods you are making with them...but no carving ;( i carved with bev and kristi--had so much fun and of course was thinking of all of our wonderful carving nights together...miss you!

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